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About us

The EXPERTISSUES European Institute of Excellence for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine EEIG (EXPERTISSUES EEIG) has a set of core values. These values should be embraced by the partners and by the Board of Managers. They traduce different intangible dimensions that should be traduced in the way the EXPERTISSUES EEIG is managed and its activities are taken into place:

To assure transparent management practices in order to assure confidence and support of members to the Board of Managers, as well as to guarantee confidence of external stakeholders on what concerns the deployment of activities and the execution of contracted projects by EXPERTISSUES EEIG.

To enforce an institutional responsibility policy that is long-term focussed on the benefit of humankind. The EXPERTISSUES EEIG embraces the responsibility of not supporting the development of novel technologies per se, but instead, of supporting the development of new therapeutic approaches aimed at improving the quality of life of patients.

To assure the commitment and dedication of all members to the long term vision that forms the inspiring framework of the EXPERTISSUES EEIG. For that, the Institute will continuously validate the commitment of the members towards the managerial and operational objectives in order to guarantee the full alignment of resources and capabilities according to Institute’s objectives and to prematurely identify underperformers.

Latest news


Vila Flor Cultural Centre (CCVF), Guimarães, Portugal

02 | 03 JULY 2015


The POLARIS Conference

Challenges in Nanomedicine and Regenerative Medicine

Vila Flor Cultural Centre (CCVF), Guimarães, Portugal

29 June | 01 July 2015



Managing Intellectual Property and Innovation

Grupo 3B’s promove curso de formação na área da Propriedade Intelectual

16-17 March 2015


NanoTools for diagnosis and regeneration of tissues with PT | Korea symposium

InterContinental Porto - Palacio das Cardosas *****, Porto, Portugal

23 | 24 October 2014


POLARIS 2nd Workshop

Top-down fabrication and nanocharacterization techniques to develop nanosystems for biomedical applications

InterContinental Porto - Palacio das Cardosas *****, Porto, Portugal

20 | 22 October 2014

Nanotechnology as a Tool for improving Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Porto Palácio Congress Hotel & Spa, Porto, Portugal
10 | 12 October 2013


POLARIS 1st Workshop
Nanosystems for Medicine: fundamentals, synthesis & applications
Porto Palácio Congress Hotel & Spa, Porto, Portugal
7 | 9 October 2013

Stem Cells and the Future of Regenerative Medicine: From Basic Research, to Translational Aspects and Upcoming Therapies. 

9 - 13 October 2012

XXXVIII Congress of the European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO 2011) and IV Biennial Congress of the International Federation on Artificial Organs (IFAO 2011)
Porto, Portugal
9 - 12 October 2011


9th International Symposium on Frontiers in Biomedical Polymers
Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
9 - 12 May 2011

EXPERTISSUES Winterschool 2011: "Preclinical Models and Imaging in Musculoskeletal TE"
Radstadt, Salzburg, Austria
16-19 January 2011