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Governing Structure

The EXPERTISSUES EEIG will be managed by a Board of Managers, which is presided by the CEO and constituted by additional Members’ representatives, appointed as research team leaders, which have reputation and expertise in diverse fields, ranging from the development of raw-materials for the production of bio-hybrid systems for tissue engineering applications, to the in-vivo functionality evaluation of the developed biomaterials. The vast experience on managing of research, projects, human resources and intellectual property of the Board of Managers will ensure sound decision-making. The CEO and the Board of managers will be supported by a full time manager that will implement operationally actions and decisions.

The Board of Managers is responsible for decisions related with the overall strategic orientation of the Institute, programming of activities, financial planning and budgeting, and any other relevant issues. For these purposes, the Board will be assisted by several Sections and Divisions for counselling purposes and operational support, as well as by external consultants in areas such as quality, certification and regulatory affairs within Members’ experts in these areas.

The Board of Managers will be operationally supported by several Sections and Divisions, namely:

  • Scientific Sections;
  • Research and Technical Division;
  • Results Exploitation and Commercialisation Division;
  • Quality Assurance Division;
  • Ethical Issues Division;
  • Education and Training Division;
  • Equal Opportunities Division.

EXPERTISSUES EEIG internal structure