The objectives of the EXPERTISSUES European Institute of Excellence for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine EEIG (EXPERTISSUES EEIG) are to:

Organize highly focussed events aimed at specifically addressing scientific and technological bottlenecks and pointing out new research strategies to be exploited individually or collectively by the EXPERTISSUES EEIG members, as a way to promote the development and integration of knowledge in fundamental and applied areas of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

Publish books and manuals in the areas Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine aimed at functioning as reference publications that simultaneously address the hurdles and challenges in this field of research. The authorship of this books will be divided by invited authors from within and outside the EXPERTISSUES EEIG.

Offer a comprehensive range of educational and training programs implemented by EXPERTISSUES EEIG members in the diverse areas of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine that update participants with state of the art and future tendencies in the field, as well as provide hands-on training for development of skills and competences in science and research certified by EXPERTISSUES EEIG.

Provide research and industrial training and professional opportunities in EXPERTISSUES EEIG members and other external industrial stakeholders aimed at supporting career development of young researchers that focus the development of interpersonal, scientific, regulatory and managerial competences certified by EXPERTISSUES EEIG.

Schedule a long term dialogue agenda between EXPERTISSUES EEIG and national and European standardization and regulatory entities to discuss and suggest ethical and technical inputs that promote a more efficient exploitation and execution of experimental activities in the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

Promote and advertise an integrated R&D platform that joins together the diversified set of resources and capabilities of EXPERTISSUES EEIG, by making it available to external institutional and industrial stakeholders for the implementation of ambitious multidisciplinary research and development programs in the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine in collaboration with EXPERTISSUES EEIG members.

Submit consortium proposals to national and European funding schemes and to coordinate the respective research and development projects that align the scientific and technological resources and competences of EXPERTISSUES EEIG members into the development of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine technologies targeted at unmet medical challenges of high human burden and/or significant societal impact.