Educational and Training Programs

The promotion and organization of educational and training programs aims to support career development of young researchers by focussing the development of interpersonal, scientific, regulatory and managerial competences during intensive programs at EXPERTISSUES EEIG members’ location(s). These events are organized under EXPERTISSUES EEIG scope of activities and are targeted at young researchers working in EXPERTISSUES EEIG members and other external stakeholders. The programs will be paid according to two main categories:

  • EXPERTISSUES EEIG members’ attendees have a reduced registration price to cover direct organizational costs;
  • External attendees pay the full registration price that covers direct organizational costs and assures additional source of revenue.

The additional revenue of the EXPERTISSUES EEIG obtained from the organization of these programs will be calculated case by case depending on the scientific area, duration and location of training. The certification by EXPERTISSUES EEIG of any educational and/or training activities supplied by an EXPERTISSUES EEIG member will be performed following the payment of a fixed certification fee aimed at covering direct costs associated to the certification of the training.